Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Taken So Long

I always assumed, early on in my mission, that eventually talking to people on the bus or MTR would eventually become more natural and easy. It never did. After a year and a half when I still sometimes would go a whole string of MTR stops without opening my mouth once I just gave up. And now, suddenly, it's so much easier. Just like that. Of course I don't like it anymore now than I did before, but as soon as I stopped relying on my own inadequate self and let God help, it became very doable to try, at least try. If it makes me uncomfortable and them uncomfortable for a few seconds at most, at that it is well worth someone's salvation. Thanks for everyone's help through prayers and other things.
We have an investigator whose only problem is work. She is here to find work so that she can put her son through college, and does her very best for him (I hope he is a wonderful boy), but the only kind of job she can get is dish washing, which means it is almost impossible for her to not work on Sunday. She has a desire to keep all the commandments, it's just this one that gets in her way. I think it's so sad, because I've seen so many people who don't have a job get baptized because they say it's no problem to keep the commandments, and then as soon as they need to get a job they just stop coming to church. They weren't tested on it, so they didn't develop that desire. Now, because of her situation, Sister Chen knows she wants and needs to go to church and does everything she can to do it, but as of now still isn't sure if she'll be able to come to church much at all. That makes it hard to baptize her, but she is so much more prepared than so many other people who can be baptized. We will keep praying for her. She needs the gospel so much.
We actually have quite a few dish washer investigators. One walked into the church, and then they all started coming together. Humility is so essential to feeling the truth of this gospel. Pride is such a problem. Especially amongst people who are having moderate to great success in their lives. They don't see the need for God. Blessed are the dishwashers who have been compelled to be humble. I am reminded of my first week here when a businessman told me that reading the Book of Mormon was not practical. "I want to read this book" he said, holding up something written by Warren Buffet (is it really spelled Buffet?) "Why would I want to become like God if I can become like Warren Buffet? It's just not practical." Being successful is good, but being Humble is better. It is practical in a sense that most of us won't really understand for a long time, I imagine.
I am a little sick right now, so I am tired and can't think of any funny experiences. I am excited for conference (we get it a week late here). I love you.

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