Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy and Sad

Last week we arranged for Qing You, Zi Xuan and Zi Yi to have their baptismal interview. We were worried that Zi Xuan wouldn't be ready, since she hadn't heard everything she needed to. She is much busier than the other two. Not too surprisingly, she couldn't even show up for the interview. We had planned on teaching her while her sisters were interviewed, to make sure she understood what she needed to first, but now we couldn't. The other two were fine (great, actually), so we asked them, do you want to wait another week for your sister or just get baptized this Sunday? They said they did not want to wait. So we planned the baptism for Sunday.
Then we called the West Point Ward correlator, who, along with the bishop, decided they ought to wait, partly for their sister, but mostly to let all the members know so they could plan on attending the baptism. We agreed and scheduled Zi Xuan to try to get her ready.
She came and met with us. She is a very sharp 12 year old. She understood everything so well, but just didn't have the same fire about it as her sisters. She is a bit sarcastic and cynical. I was very surprised as we walked her home after the lesson when she told us she like to play house with her friends. She seems so much older than she is.
A few days later(Saturday), on the way to teach her again she called and said she wasn't coming because she needed to make lunch and Qing You was going back to Mainland on Monday so there was no use. We couldn't get her to come. Finally Zi Yi came and we met with her and a member of West Point Ward. She is only ten, so she had some sweet questions about God. We talked about about Him and what she could do when her big sister was back in Mainland. She's so cool.
That night we called so many people about the situation. It was some of the most stress I've had in a while. But in the end everyone agreed they should be baptized the next day. So we frantically organized a baptismal service (Actually that was the correlator. We just felt relieved and went to sleep).
The next day, after church, Qing You and Zi Yi were baptized. Qing You also received the gift of the holy ghost in preparation to return to mainland. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had on my mission so far.
Zi Xuan slept in and missed it. Some other missionaries are going to start working with her. I hope her and her family will be able to all receive the blessings this gospel has in store for them. I've seen it bless me and my family. I've seen it bless others and their families. I've seen people unwilling to allow it to bless them. I don't know why, but people do that sometimes. I know God Loves us and will help us if we only let Him. We can't expect to be saved if we don't grab the rope that is thrown to us.
I love you.

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