Thursday, May 5, 2011

I got a haircut today. We went to the usual place. A bunch of old guys, most from Guang Dong, who came to Hong Kong before my parents were born and started cutting hair. I can imagine the excitement they must have felt, coming to this big city and starting work as barbers, so much opportunity here. And then, sixty years later, they cut my hair. Talked a little about their life in thickly accented Mandarin so I could barely understand. Each one has his own personal style, and no matter what you tell him will pretty much just cut your hair the way he's going to do it. I just say, "quite short" and let them go. The general style they all have is longer on the top, maybe 1-1.5 inches with the sides shaved to only a few mm's if you're not careful, and no sideburns. It ends up looking rather like an onion, and seems to be designed for Chinese people as it looks much better on them. But the atmosphere is great and it's pretty cheap. I am getting better at touching up my own hair.
This is my companion's last P-day so we will go buy some cheap things on the street tonight. He wasn't going to do it, but then one of the international elders we live with who is also going home next week came back with his cheap stuff, and my comp was done for. We also eat out a lot lately, because he wants to try new things and eat old favorites one more time. It's ok, but I'm running out of money for the month. But still am happy.
I saw an ad for Pirates of the Caribbean. I wonder if it will be saved.
We have quite a few investigators getting close to baptism. But it seems that all of them have problems arise at every possible stage. As the Elder's Quorum president pointed out, this is a very good thing. Without having to overcome trials, how can they be expected to develop the faith to overcome trials in the future? But it's hard right now. And I can't honestly say I'm glad they have trials. That sounds awful. But God knows what He's doing.
The Elder's Quorum president is so amazing. He loves his family so much. He is so humble and willing to change. He listens to us, reads the scriptures, reads every bit of church literature available in Chinese, and tries so hard to help everyone else. I cannot think of any way he can improve as a person. It is a testimony to me that this church is for the world, not just Westerners.
I love you.

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