Thursday, May 5, 2011


We had to move again. I was hoping I would not have to, as I dislike moving. But they decided to close an apartment, so we moved out and closed our apartment. It is a taxing ordeal. But not nearly as bad as it is for the housing elder, so I'm pretty OK.

When I first moved here I tried Vita Flower Tea, a popular brand of herbal tea. I thought it had a nice, light flavor. Then I switched to Yeo brand, because it had less sugar. Now the original kind I thought was so light seems way too sweet for me. I am so Chinese.

Thanks to Aunt Gabbi and family for the package. It is lovely. I have not been able to try any of the soy milk cupcakes yet, but I will soon. I am especially grateful for the dried fruit. Also very grateful to the V's for all the pictures. I always show them to the other elders and say, pointing to Corryn, "She's married now." Although none of them know who she is, they all understand the strangeness of that statement, usually expressed by by them thus, "Weeeird." Just the same as when I say, "all of these guys are back from their missions already." "Weeeird." Somehow we all seem to understand each other in this respect. Not a bond that any other group than missionaries have, I imagine.

We are a unique group, missionaries. I'm so glad I came.

We've just been finding and teaching all over the place. Elder Pope is a very good, very enthusiastic finder. It is easy to be more excited about finding when I'm with him. It is mostly easiest to follow my companion's attitude toward everything. I need to work harder on having a great attitude, no matter what other people are feeling. It makes a better person.

We're still plodding along, trying to help a few people make their May 1st baptismal date, just before Elder Pope goes home. It's fun and exciting to see people who want it so badly and are trying so hard to overcome all the obstacles in their path, as well as to see people who don't want it too badly, but start to understand why they need it slowly. It's just great.

I may have broken my toe playing soccer. At any rate I hurt it.

I will miss dumplings. I hope I can find some good ones. I love them so.

And I love you.

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