Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We went to the temple today. We get to go once a transfer. I am so glad I can go at all, and feel so bad for missions without a temple in them. I noticed an old old man who was a nearly every session I have been to in Hong Kong. I have thought before "oh, nine a.m. on Thursday must be his weekly temple time, what a good thing for this man who can barely walk to be able to do each week." Today he was in our session. On the way out, I noticed him sitting in the room, waiting for the next session. Then I overheard someone who is visiting Hong Kong say that they have done a session every day this week and that man was in every single one of them. What an amazing man. I imagine that because of the condition of his old body he cannot be a temple worker, and so he found another way to take all or at least most of his time and give it to the Lord. It is so amazing to me.

We have an investigator named Sister 金 which means gold. And she is. We met her today for the second time and talked about coming to church. She says she thinks her boss might give her at most two Sundays a month off. We talked about it for a while and why it is important and asked if she thought she could at least get every Sunday morning off so she could go to church. She said, "well, I've been thinking maybe I should just quit, that way I could come to church every week and find a better job. Is that ok?" She is so humble and awesome.

We went to a museum that has an exhibit about Pixar today. It was pretty cool. Lots of artwork goes into those movies. And lots of other work too. But there is so much awesome concept art etc. that is unseen. Years of sketches, paintings, paper cut outs, sculptures, all kinds of stuff. It was way cool.

I'm out of time, but things are good. I am happy. It is hot.

I love you.

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