Saturday, June 18, 2011

Elder Holland came and talked to us missionaries on Tuesday. He is so cool. When I shook his hand and introduced myself he said "well, you're Brian and Suzanne's boy! Well, I have to give you a hug!" That was a surprise. He knew I was going home soon too. I had asked Heavenly Father to give me a reconfirmation of his apostolic calling, and felt the spirit at the time of asking, later on in another prayer even stronger, and strongest when he hugged me. I just felt the spirit of that servant of the Lord fill me right up to my tiny little spiritual capacity. I know he is called of God and given the authority to teach us as God would, were He here.

We taught Sister 金 (gold) yesterday about prophets right before she got to listen to Elder Bednar answering questions (yeah, Holland and Bednar both came and spoke at the same time to members. Luckily there was a special missionary meeting with Elder Holland so we could hear and see them both). But we pointed out that a big part of what he was doing was teaching us to find our own answers through scripture study. "This book has those kind of answers?" she asked. My companion said he had personally learned that through experience. "Do you know like, which page to find them on?" No, you have to just always read to keep on learning. "Really? Well then I should read this book every single time I have time." So true. It's great when investigators figure stuff out that we don't even mean to say.

We ate delicious western style sandwiches for lunch. I really love the mix of cultures you get here in Hong Kong, especially food. It is so wonderful and yummy. I try to focus on Chinese, as I am in China after all. But mixing it up is such a lovely thing to be able to do.

Elder Chung is still great. I'm just worried he'll get called AP after this move and I won't be able to finish my mission with him. I said this last time I was his companion (interesting side note, this is the third time I've served with the same companion twice), but he is a rare mix of %100 obedient, but still relaxed and fun. It's great to be able to serve with him.

I love you all! I hope all is well.

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