Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cool and Cultural

The days of the week in Chinese are called "week (day) 1, week (day) 2, week (day) 3, 4, 5, 6, and week (day) sun or heaven." But I just learned from our correlator that they adopted this method in 1911 to make it more simple. Before that they were called sun day, moon day, fire day, water day, wood day, gold (or generic metal) day, and dirt day. Interesting to me that the first two are sun day and moon day. Of course it sounds nothing like that in Chinese. I think this way of reckoning is much cooler. The months are also just numbered, but used to be named according to the 12 heavenly stems and the ten earthly branches, but I have no idea what those are. But they are definitely cool and cultural.
Also I learned that Mainland has only been using simplified characters for thirty years or so. That is crazy.
It is interesting and sad to learn about how many problems people still have forgiving the Japanese people. I think it has hung on much stronger than it has against the Germans. Although many, many youth are quite obsessed with current Japanese culture.
American Eagle Outfitters has arrived in Hong Kong. Did I say that before? I may have. I think it's silly. But there are ads for it everywhere. I guess it's like an In'N'Out burger coming to Utah kind of thing. They were tired of people copying them or selling their products on the streets, so they just came. It looks exactly the same, except usually there is one Chinese guy in the ads.
We are teaching three sisters, 18, 12 and 10, and they should all be baptised a week from Sunday. They are very excited and happy to accept the gospel. The oldest and youngest were originally going to be baptised this week, but the middle isn't ready (she is so very busy with school and activities) and neither is the ward, so we will wait until next week. Not a huge deal. It will be good for them to be able to be baptised together.
I am staying with Elder Pope for his last transfer. Even more likely now that I will finish my mission here in Wan Chai. I am happy, though I would like to serve up in the north. It is the only area I have not served.
We bought some weird Chinese health drink from a small shop. They give it to you in a glass bowl to drink down there on the street and then return the bowl. If you want to you can add salt. It should help with most problems I might face.
I love you.

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