Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mentor Got Baptized!

[This is not Mentor. This is just someone with Noah]


He is such a rad dude. I was a little afraid that he was doing it all for a friend of his, but after his testimony I know he knows this is true. He talked about how a few years ago he learned about Christianity. At that time he didn't have any big problems in his life, until he got in a car accident or something. it still was a huge deal, no long term problems or anything, but he decided at that point that he didn't want to rely on anyone else, including God. If he had a problem he would deal with it.

Then he came with his friend to our branch. Now he has lots and lots of problems in his life (Family health problems and financial problems and such). Sometimes he can't sleep because of worrying. But now he knows that he can't do it without God. He still doesn't like relying on other people, but he knows the power of prayer and what it has done for him and that he needs help from his Father in Heaven. He's so good.

We also have two knew investigators, neither of them have English names. They are sister, one ten and one eighteen. They are so humble and love the church so much. They have baptismal dates for the 27th. It's so much fun to teach them.

I got a nice big cookbook with really good authentic Chinese food in it. And it's in English, which is great because Chinese words for food, especially vegetables are so uncertain. Depending on where you are they call things completely different things. But it seems really good and I can completely understand it!

In the trendy little bookstore where I got it we found a book called "Who's your hero? Book of Mormon stories applied to everyday life." And one with lots of paintings of Utah with the Salt Lake Temple right on the front. We wonder if the owner is a member. We asked the worker where he got the book. "That?" He replied, "Oh, that, that is from, that is from the factory." And now I know where books come from.

I love you all. The church is true.

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