Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ultimate Truth

Lately we have run into a lot of Buddhists. I remember thinking that Buddhism and tea would be my main adversaries in China.
Actually tea is not hard for people to give up. It usually takes a bit of explaining, but anyone who has enough faith to meet with us and listen usually has enough faith to give up tea. One recent convert, Yuki (yes, she chose a Japanese name for her English name), didn't understand why she couldn't drink tea, and then went to the doctor about some problem she'd been having and he told her not to smoke, drink alcohol, coffee or tea. Once people think about it they usually know that it affects them, causes them sleeplessness usually. So it's not a problem.
As far as Buddhism goes, there are lots of Buddhists, but I wouldn't say it's really a big problem. In a week or two with the Internet I think I would be able to have a far deeper understanding of Buddhism than about 85% of the people who have told me they believe it. That's the real problem. So many people don't care to find out the truth.

"My family traditionally believes this, yours traditionally believes that. It's true if you believe it."
"What if this really is true and there really is one God and He really doesn't change according to culture, would that be important to you? Would you want to find that out?"
"... No."
If you believe that 2+2=5 that won't change the number of apples you end up with at a buy two get two free sale. Even if your family all believes it. We don't ask anyone to change their nationality or culture, just count the apples. If you have five then you're right. Just give them a count.
There is a blind man at the computer next to me. I think his headphones tell him what's happening on screen. Amazing.
On Tuesday Elder Pope and I did a demonstration of extending a commitment to be baptised. That's not too unusual, but this time it was at the Asia Area Mission President's Conference. Three members of the seventy and about ten mission presidents watching us. It was pretty fun. Of course they were all very nice. But I wish we could have stayed for the meeting.
Mentor has asked to push his baptism back a week, he is having some family problems. Vivian Huang is getting more excited about the gospel, she is mostly just waiting to feel like she has received an answer. That's a pretty hard thing to help people understand. Sister Liu has seen lots of blessings in her life, but wonders if it's just luck? She also has pushed her baptism back a bit. Sister Deng is doing very well and just eating everything up. She totally believes it from an intellectual stand point, she just wants to be perfect after baptism. So we are trying to help her understand continued repentance. Once you know it's true, enter the door. 2 Nephi 31, the door is baptism.
Any ideas about the reason Faith is so necessary?
I love you.

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