Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy New Year

The biggest festival in China is here! It's Chinese new year. So what does that mean for a missionary in Hong Kong? All of our investigators have gone home for at least a few weeks. Deep clean time is here. We have tons of meetings to give us something to do while no one is here.

Deep clean is what we did today and it is very nice to have done. Now our apt. is so nice and I feel comfortable walking around barefoot. Everything left there by old missionaries has been taken care of. All the food no one wanted to eat is gone. We can move around and know where everything is. yeah.

We get to go to Big Buddha again next week. I guess that is the mission activity every year. I am much more excited this time, because I have a better coat (last year was by far the coldest I've been in Hong Kong and I was not prepared) and because I understand the culture here so much better that I did last time. I will appreciate the paintings and calligraphy and carvings so much more, although there is still so much I don't know. Our correlator always tells me about Chinese history and culture (he loves history so much) but it is really hard to understand everything he says because it's weird vocab and he as pretty strong southern accent.

Our best investigators right now are Sister Wang, Sister Liu, and Mentor. Sister Wang works on Sunday and is still trying to figure that out. She doesn't think she can get every Sunday off and is worried that she would not be able to find another job and would have to go back to Mainland. Sister Liu is willing to come to church and read the scriptures and pray and everything, but just doesn't feel she knows whether God exists or not. Mentor is was cool. He's tall and handsome and stylish. Our correlator said, "oh him. I'm afraid to talk to him, he's too cool." I think a big part of why he started coming to church is his friend Emily, but he is doing everything he needs to do and seems to believe it.

I am happy. I love you all.
Xin Nian KwaiLe (Happy New Year)
GongXi FaCai (Congratulations, may money come to you [another new years greeting])

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