Sunday, January 16, 2011


A member found out that I like art and got really excited. She lent me a book about Chinese brush painting (written by a white woman, which seems slightly lame, but means it is good englich. I think I'll leave that typo). In it it gives "The Six Cannons" one of which is Copying other's work, so I started doing a bit of painting. It's super fun, and makes me feel so Chinese. As an apartment we set another goal to be more Chinese. We are all Mandarin Speakers, so we can speak Chinese together and eat Chinese food and steam Chinese buns and play Chinese games and paint Chinese pictures. So fun. Englich.
Since last Monday there have been seven baptisms of visitors from Mainland China, five of which were men. I love helping anyone to receive the restored gospel, of course, but it makes me so happy to know we are strengthening the priesthood in Mainland. I love this work. Pray for them.
We have some good investigators here. Sister Shi will be baptised on Sunday. She is so cool. Such a strong christian woman. Took her a little while to understand authority, but she always talks about how she has never been so happy before ever and loves meeting with us and wants her son in Beijing to find this Church so much. She always thanks God for helping her meet us. She came here in order to keep her Hong Kong ID Card active, so is only here for about a month. Her brother-in-law knew she was christian so he set her up in a hotel near a big church he had seen and told her how to get to it. Despite things getting in the way, she found it and came Sunday morning a few weeks ago. Now she will be baptised so that she can attend church when she goes back to Mainland. It's so exciting.
I love you all. Happy New Year.

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