Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

It was so wonderful to talk to you all. I miss you, but it isn't too long before I see you. It's strange. I've already been out here so long. Two Christmases. It doesn't seem possible.

Monday night I got a call from President Chan to be a Zone Leader. Yes, it is a proper noun. That means I have to lead a whole zone and be a good example. Help them to work hard and be happy. I feel I can do a good job with the 'be happy' part, but I'm the one who will probably be learning the most in the other aspect. Do I run as fast as I have strength? No faster, but still diligent? I hope so.

I am replacing my 'Father' (trainer) Elder So who is going home. One or two MTR stops home. I really respect the Hong Kong people who serve here. It can't be easy. Just like everyone else who has ever met him, I love him. He is just so loving to others. He's great and I'll miss him as a missionary.

I don't know what to say. We've had a hard time with the holiday season as far as teaching people goes, although there have been more visitors from mainland than usual. There was one who came with her American boyfriend and stayed for a while. We were able to teach her for a few days instead of just one. She has been learning about the church online for several months now and so understood everything and asked lots of really deep questions. 'What about people who don't go to those kingdoms? What about Satan? Is he going there?' It was great.

Elder Welling's mother bought us all dinner yesterday (not in person of course. A thin piece of plastic represented her) and it was really really good. I don't imagine she will read this, but thank you Kathy Welling. It was so so good.

In the bathroom of the mall where we ate was a sign that read:

Eliminates Bathtub
Mess easy to use
Saves money

I say we get one.

I love you all. The church is true.

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