Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks for E Mailing

[This is Noah with Elder Jaquier]

I won't lie to you, I expected you to forget last week. At least it was on my mind that it might happen. So when it did I wasn't too surprised, or upset. At least not on any conscious level, but I had two disturbing dreams in which I got no emails for the second week in a row, so I guess it did bother me a bit. But don't worry, I completely forgive you all. Other than Eden, who needs none at this time.
Last Sunday we went to Hong Kong because President Uchtdorf was in town. He came to pick up his grandsons (twins, serving in different missions in Taiwan). I am so impressed by people like them and my friend Elder Jaquier who have to learn mandarin from English when English is already a second language. It's just amazing. And Elder Uchtdorf is great too. His wife is so funny! As he put it, she brings spice into their life.
After Sunday we stayed in the temple's patron housing so that we could attend special training for zone and district leaders. Did you know I'm a district leader? Yeah. But it's ok, don't worry, I'm still a junior companion. And I was the third youngest person at the training, so I'm not an old missionary yet. I don't know what I'll do when I am.
The training was good. It was all about teaching with the spirit. It is all from Preach My Gospel, but the Bretheren have taken specific parts to helps us be better teachers. It was very long, but we were fed by Mandarin members every night, and mainland members staying in patron housing every other time we felt peckish. There was also a family from Paris staying there who know Elder Jaquier. I gave them a letter for him. Patron housing had a very nice shower, but very hard beds.
One morning we walked out of our room to find Elder Uchdorf taking pictures with Mainland members! We didn't get a picture (he was just leaving) but he shook our hands, put his hand on my shoulder and did a quick apartment check through the book. He said he wouldn't report us. He also said it was "pretty good."
Sorry this is short. The library cuts you off early when it's this late. Love you all so much!

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