Monday, August 2, 2010

S'Mores Will Be Made. I'm Excited.

We're going to a beach and making s'mores after this. Yay.

The other day Elder So said something about a painful canker. I thought to myself, "Oh, I have not had one of those in quite some time. How nice." Then I got two, huge, painful canker sores for thinking that.

Here is a very useful word I found in a dictionary.

1. a rule or regulation
2. a pair or compasses
3. to admonish
4. to plan

I'm still not sure just how to use it, but it seems quite versatile.

In district meeting the other day we played a game where one person writes a word on the white board and then their companion has two minutes to ask yes/no questions to figure out what the word is. When it was the couple missionaries' turn, Elder Chambers wrote the word 'Clock'. Ooh, good word, we all thought. That'll be tricky. Sister Chambers asked these questions: "Is it a thing?", "Is it round?", "Is it a clock?" It took a while for us to recover. Elder Chambers got 'purse' within ten questions, which would have been a lot more impressive if he'd gone first.

I don't like humidity. That being said it's been rather pleasant here. Hot, yes. But nothing near the deadly unbearable heat everyone pretends goes on during July. Everyone told me July is the hottest month of the year. Now, however people are saying this is nothing, August will be the real heat. I think it's just a mild year, because I firmly believe that it was a lot hotter than this when I first got to Hong Kong in late October. But as of now, it's ok. And it is often overcast. And rains a lot. You know in Utah when it's sunny and hot and then two minutes later you can't see across the street because of the rain, and then it's suddenly sunny again? That happens, except the two minutes of rain lasts two hours, or maybe two days. And the church floods. Luckily our investigators often cancel if it's raining too badly, so we can help at the church. Not that I like an investigator to cancel, but if someone is going to, it might as well but when the chapel is full of water.

We have a crazy investigator named Maya. Maybe I already told you about here. She is from Indonesia, but spoke a dialect, so she doesn't really understand the Indonesian Book of Mormon. However, her English is quite good, and she speaks fluent Russian, so with a copy in each language, she can understand. She also speaks fluent Cantonese, but cannot read characters. She learned Russian because she wants to go to Russia and be a rapper, which is pretty cool.
On top of her coolness, she is super powerful and wants to be baptized so much. She meets with us at least twice a week early in the morning before work. Her problem is she works on Sunday and can't get it off, but now she can probably come for Sacrament meeting at least. So she should be able to be baptized soon. It's so exciting!

The is a member here named Christina from Brazil who left home when she was fifteen because of her abusive father, and then left her uncle's home too for the same reason. She went to a bar and bought a Coca Cola, turned to a woman and asked if she could live with her. The woman said yes, and that's how she found the church. I'm not sure what a member was doing at a bar, but it's good. She has a crazy life, and her husband, a Macanese man (half Chinese half Portuguese) is in jail here for stealing money from the government (he thought he could win more and pay it back. He lost it all and escaped to Brazil where they were married. He came back ten years later, thinking it would all be blown over or something, and was put in prison), but she says he's never done anything to hurt her, just himself, and he was very honest with her before marriage, so she came here to be near him. Then she went to Portugal to meet his son, her step son, and now she is back with her step son to wait another five years for his release. All she wants to do is help the missionaries.
She is so strong.
My life is so easy.

I can't believe how soon Elder Holley (Sam) will go home. Should be like, two months. If he gets this email, I'm so sorry I haven't written much. I just don't write or send many letters. I'm sorry to everyone about that.

I love you all.


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