Monday, June 21, 2010


Date: Monday, June 21, 2010 4:01:04 AM
Subject: I am two decades old

I am older now than I've ever been. But it feels almost the same.

Happy birthday father's day! That's what the characters read on a plate of cookies at church. In honor of being a prospective father, I won the apple eating contest. At first it seemed Nick would win, but then his mouth was too full of apple to really do anything. Elder Westhoff laughed at me as he enjoyed his apple slowly. But I got a ceramic bobble head (and feet and tail) turtle, so look who's laughing now!

I am going to go buy some new shirts after this. I should have listened to Mom when she told me that cotton shirts don't stay ironed. It doesn't really bother me, but sometimes people comment on it. But at least the cotton ones fit! The 50% cotton 50% fake ones are like giant tents, until you get to the neck, at which point they feel like I bought them before my neck really filled out. I got a rash from them the first day of the MTC. After that I guess I got immune, because it didn't really bother me any more. Until the summer humidity came. Now I had to invent a button extender. But I think shirts that fit will be even better. In fact I'm very excited to look nice again. I had no stains on my shirt until I really started cooking. I think I might also get an apron to protect my new shirts. Or a double breasted chef shirt thing. That would be pretty sweet.

I got my hair cut today in a way cool old barber shop with lots and lots of old cranky barbers. I was thinking about how I could write to you about all the people who were getting shaved with straight razors when my barber whipped his out to trim my side burns and neck. I almost really want to get a shave some day, but I think I would be too scared.

We still have good investigators, and lots who are nice but won't actually come too church. Normally if you can't get them to come to church with you, they won't ever come. They give you their number almost every time (I've been denied once since I came to international), but they almost never will come. So I didn't really believe Argie when she told me she really was interested, but maybe next time. I was surprised when I called her and she said that she has been really searching for the truth for a long time, but doesn't know how to find it. "I've been to lots and lots of churches, and they all say they are the true church, but I still don't think I've found it." I guess I told her about the Prophet, and so she's very interested. It is nice. Like one Elder said, showing a paper absolutely covered in numbers, "I have talked to every single one of these people and none of them would even come to church. Except for this one, and now she's baptized."
So. No effort is wasted.

I ate really expensive thin crust pizza at a place called pizza express for my birthday from Grandma. It had buffalo mozzarella, padano, arugula, and prosciutto ham. It was way good, and will maybe be able to tide me over until I can get the real stuff at P712.

Love you all!

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