Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Food and Bad Food

Date:Sunday, June 13, 2010 11:54:56 PM

Some good food I have eaten lately was a melt from the new Marks & Spencer. It was great, but way too expensive. As far as more Asian food goes, I still need to find a Thai place. The street food is cheap and either pretty good or just too weird to handle. A lot of it is quite westernized. I love what they call BBQ pork, which is nothing like BBQ pork. I prefer to just say it in Chinese, because BBQ is just wrong. Also I made a cheese cake with some of the birthday money from Grandma. And some yummy bread and pie.

Some bad food I ate was at church. They made me eat the head of a salted, dried, fried fish dipped in vinegar. It pretty much tasked like salt, but there were bones and eyeballs and stuff in it. I couldn't finish it. They also made me eat balute. Did I already mention that? It's a boiled egg, but there's a chicken inside. You crack the shell, 'drink the soup,' and then eat the greenish black thing inside. If you look too carefully you can figure out where the different parts of the small bird are. I didn't look at all. They say I almost cried. Did I tell you about the cow intestine I had to eat? It may have been just from horror stories I've heard, but it tasted like poop. Indonesian food is full of MSG and very spicy, but so far nothing more than that.

I continue to have wonderful experiences almost everyday. I could tell you about them, but there are too many. The people I talk to now just really get it. Some of it any way. They feel the spirit so easily, but many of them don't come back. They let the cares of the world be more important. I still love teaching more and more though. It's just fun when the people being taught are so receptive.

The other day while we were finding (not very many effective finding areas, so for the good ones we are given a schedule of when we can go, so that there aren't too many missionaries there at a time) we walked up a side path thingy and stumbled on an old ruined college! It was unreal. One second we were in the busy city, the next we were in an overgrown ruin. Most of the buildings were gone, there were just walkways going all around the side of the mountain, without a No Trespassing sign in sight! That is unheard of in Hong Kong. There were a few especially cool places with fences guarding them. If I were not here representing Jesus Christ's church, I would have trespassed, I'm afraid. But we felt that under the circumstances, something bad would happen. It was a shame.

I decided to buy one of these cool moleskin note books they have that you use to make your own city guide. It has a map of Hong Kong for marking, and pages for writing about places of interest. What better time than now to use that? I just wander around the city, running across random cool places all the time. I still have a year. I should be able to fill it right up. Then we can have a sweet guide for when you all come.

Speaking of the word sweet, I used it in it's slang form the other day to an investigator. "You've been reading the Book of Mormon? That's sweet." I don't think she understood.

I saw this on a t shirt. "The Ladybirds come rushing and hang with me."

Love you!

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