Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turning Cantonese

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2010 12:51:45 AM
Subject: 25-2-2010

Dear Family,

I've started doing a weird Cantonese thing, which is add an odd "ahh" sound to the end of English (and Mandarin) words. At first it was just the ones I hear them say, like "Sorry ahh" and "ok ahh". Now it accompanies at least 25% of my English sentences. I also grunt (as if I had been hit in the stomach) to say yes and indicate that I am listening to the words that a person is saying to me. Just so you know.

There's a man named Brother Deng here in Hong Kong who's calling it is to arrange the visits from the "visitors" who come to get baptized. He arranged a meeting yesterday with all the mandarin Elders, telling us that it was "Urgent". Of course, we all knew it meant China was opening and we would be in BeiZhing by next week. During this speculation, the arrogant Australian I live with told me that no, if that were the case we would be meeting with the prophet. I told him we were. He said I would have to prove that to him. I said I didn't have to prove anything to him. He quoted scripture to me, "Prove me now herewith saith the Lord." I told him that he is not the Lord, and that is not what the scripture means. He told me that "If China opens I'd go before you! You don't even speak the language!" I pointed out that, as a Cantonese missionary, he also did not speak the language. He is pretty fun to mess with, but if I'm not careful I can get pretty mad at him too.

Of course, we are not going to China. Brother Deng just wants us to be more careful who we baptize. If they are not ready, he wants us to wait. Apparently about 300 of the 700 people he has helped in the last four years are inactive. Suddenly the visitors are an actual responsibility, not just free baptisms. We have about six hours to meet and decide if these people are ready for baptism. That's so scary to me. I'm really important. Yikes.

Brother Deng also told us that about 70% of members in Mainland are active. That is just amazing to me! Correct me if I'm wrong, but that has to be among the highest percentages of active members in a country. And it's not even open to missionaries! That's probably why though. Only people who really try and really believe go through the effort of getting baptized. It's just awesome to me.

I got a package from you for valentines day, and one from aunt Gabi. Thank you all so much for letters and packages. I love getting them so much. I am sorry I almost never write back, we are just always so bust on P-Day.

I love you all. We are keeping busy and trying to be diligent and obedient and patient and humble and all the other virtues things. I hope you all are doing the same. I know you are.


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