Monday, February 1, 2010

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Noah Christian Spence Kershisnik Add to Address Book
Dad, Mom, Leah, Eden

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 9:25:30 PM
Kwun Tong

Dear People,
Now I live in Kwun Tong. It is the biggest apartment in the mission (other than Maccau, perhaps). It actually has a piano, but unfortunatly no one to play it. I want to learn, but don't really have time. I took the guitar from the last apartment, so any music learning time I have is used up. The kitchen is pretty big, but the sink is super shallow, so it's a pain to do dishes, so no one ever does. It's a problem. Hopefully it will change today with the new chore chart.
Other free-time (at night, in the morning, mealtimes) is used playing settlers of Cataan and Chinese chess. That's fine with me, except sometimes I don't do other things that I really need to. I need to find a better balance. Or rather, I need to find a balance. Chinese chess is really cool. It's like our chess, only no less pawns, a few different pieces, the king can't leave his little area, and there's a river through the middle of the board. It's a surprisingly different game. I really like it. One day I will challenge an old man in the park. I will lose, but it will still be awesome.
There are tons and tons of cheap food markets on the way to our apartment. The first night I was here I bought six packages of strawberries for the price of one in a normal grocery store. I can now eat just about as just fruit as I want, instead of before when I could barely afford two pieces of fruit a day. Now I can eat bananas, apples, strawberries, pineapple, asian pears and mangoes to my hearts content.
My new companion is really cool. His Name is Elder Gunderson. He's from Spanish Fork. He's really nice and patient and easy going. A bit too easy going sometimes. I sometimes think we should probably be a bit more diligent, but he's really good at talking to people. We aren't on the streets quite as much as I was with Elder So, but we talk to way more people. I guess everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. We just keep working and trying to overcome them and help each other grow.
We had zone conference yesterday, and the area medical expert and his wife spoke. His wife started out by saying, "I think we could find a connection with each of you if we just talked to you." She then went on to talk about a few she had found with missionaries. I had a strange, sad wish in my heart to have talked to her so that I could have a connection with her. And then she said, "And Elder Kershisnik is related to our very dear friends the Harrises." So there you go. And now they said they would invite us to dinner in the very tops floors of our chapel, where we've never been before. They are very nice and I am excited to get to know them better.
We don't have too many investigators here, so we're working on getting new ones right now. I guess most of the old ones just liked to meet and talk and come to activities, not so much read, pray or come to church. We did have a pretty good lesson with a new investigator on Tuesday. We kept trying to end it and go to the activity that we had invited her to, but she just kept asking questions. She seems to really want to know the truth, though she has a hard time recognizing God in her life.
I still might have to teach that drawing class sometime is anyone has ideas how to do that. But more pressing is my new assignment to teach a western food cooking class. So I am working on figuring out western food that Hong Kong people could cook. It's a great assignment.
I love you all! The church is true! I am so not close to perfect. I am trying. Sometimes harder than others. God is good. I know that with his help we can become closer to perfect.

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