Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am happy and try to always be so. There are times when it is hard to be happy, but if I can just choose to be happy, then I'm a lot happier. So just be happy!

We cut out the letters of my full name and were trying to see what sentences we could make. "I create pies", "I can eat kosher pies", "Krishna eats kosher pies" "I, Stephen Norris, can shank hickies." That last one uses them all. In addition to pies, we found cherries, cheerios, and snickers. So many delicious foods! I have learned from this exercise that my English, particularly spelling, has gone way downhill. Although I have learned some nice new words from Jesus the Christ, useful ones, like antediluvian.

Today while on our way to email we saw a girl standing outside the church. I thought maybe we should go talk to her, but i didn't. Probably not a prompting, I thought. We crossed the street, climbed the stairs, and crossed the bridge before I finally decided to go back, that feeling just wasn't going away. I knew that if she wasn't waiting for missionaries or church friends she would probably just run away when I talked to her, but she didn't. She also didn't speak Mandarin very well, so my comp took over (he's ABC and has super good Mandarin and Cantonese). I don't know what will happen, but she can into the church and listened to him talk for a while, went with us upstairs to the chapel and gave us her phone number so the sisters up in TaiPo can give her a call. I could have just not said anything. Wow, I have a real homecoming-talk story!
Elder Holland came not long ago and told us we need to do better at planning, studying, and teaching with power and authority. As we work to be obedient and study and plan well, I have felt the spirit in my life, especially my teaching, as I have never felt before. It's awesome to be able to be confident that the Lord will not let me be confounded before men, and that he will fill my mouth, as long as I open it.

The Lord promises us blessings if we keep His commandments. I can testify that those blessings are real.
Hey, how is Angus? He must be home by now.
I love you!

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