Tuesday, July 19, 2011

這個電腦讓我用筆寫中文字! 太好啦!

Cool computer, this. It has a pad for writing Chinese. That's not nearly as easy as using pinyin to type it, because i can't write Chinese very well. But it's much easier than having to switch the setting every time I want to write a single 字. So nice 啦!

I don't know if you remember me talking about Sister 劉 or not. She is the one who finally accepted a baptismal date for July 10. Well, everything is going smoothly, and there should be no problem with her baptism on Sunday. The Branch President will baptize her. It's his first time baptising anyone. I'm so happy for her and her daughter. Now her daughter can fully enjoy the blessings of growing up in the church. It's just great.

We also met with a man yesterday who has known about the church for five or six years and wanted to be baptized the whole time. Because of different reasons he never has been able to, and now he is living in China, and thought he would have to move back to Hong Kong if he wanted to be baptised. We talked to him and asked if he could extend his trip here by a week, and be baptised on the 17th. He said of course he can. I remember hearing about him from Elder Pope. If Bryson Pope reads this, 湯弟兄 is going to be baptized finally. His wife used to object, he could not legally be baptized in China, he even went to Africa but couldn't find the church there. Now he can be baptized, and then can finally go to church in China! Yeah.

Did anyone know that Dr. SunYatSen stayed in Utah? There is a note written by him on some stationary from The Hotel Marion, Ogden, Utah in a museum here. Pretty cool. There is a movie out about him. About the whole cultural revolution. I'd like to see it.

We met maybe a missionary from another church and scheduled her for the English speaking elders. I'm worried about it for them. She seemed very nice, but mentioned going to door to door in Utah "to talk to LDS people about their religion." That's not normal. I hope she's as nice as she seemed.
I love you all! happy 4th! In Chinese it's called "America's celebrate the country day"

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