Friday, December 17, 2010

Stress and Joy

Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Yesterday we couldn't email because of a visitor. Sister Ma (horse) was converted in the UK and then went home and took her mother (also Sister Ma) to church with her. Actually in this circumstance she could have been baptized in China, but there was a bit of a misunderstanding so she came here, which is just fine. It gave them the chance to get some of their ancestors' work done, Ma mama (yes, that is how you say mother horse in Chinese) could learn about the temple from the chapel inside the the chapel, and they could meet with full time missionaries. So it was great.

But it seems that Murphy's law is always in force when trying to set up a baptism for a visitor from mainland China, especially since we moved across to the new chapel. Because of Institute we usually end up holding the baptism in the temple chapel anyway, and it seems there is never enough time to find an interviewer, get the temple unlocked, get the font unlocked and filled, fill out the forms, get the baptism clothes, set up chairs, call the right people, find hymn books, choose hymns, and get everyone in the right place. As a junior companion I just kinda flowed along and did what my senior comp told me to do, and Elder Zhong is just a very organized and competent person, so this is really the first time that all the responsibility is on me. Of course Elder Edwards is great and will do whatever he need to, but it's still up to me to tell him what that is.
So. Stress.

But it is worth it. How many missionaries are there in the world who have to give up a P-day now and then because of an unexpected baptism?
So. Joy.

Also, Christmas is just a plain old joyful time. This year I am focusing on creating a happy Christmas for all four of us living in our apartment. Last year I did Christmas things to remind myself of home and try to be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams. This year I'm trying to bring Christmas here so that we can all celebrate it together and not get so sad as I did last year. I'm the only one in the apartment who has done it before (Christmas as a missionary), so I feel I ought to do my best to help them have a good time.
So. Joyful Stress.

We have a golden investigator right now. I don't know if I told you about her, but she's great. Not much to say really. She's just ready and was looking for the church. We found her on the street. at first she thought we were selling something because of our bags. "I couldn't think what it could be. Insurance? Drugs?" But it turned out ok in the end. And now, like I said, she's golden.

Wednesday we were waiting for an investigator to come. He was late and not answering his phone. After waiting a half hour we were about to leave, when some members from Utah (originally Taiwan) showed up with one non member friend from Hong Kong. We talked to them, talked to their non member friend, got her contact information and then they left. As soon as they were gone I called our investigator who answered and said that he had to work longer than he thought so he couldn't make it. If he had answered any earlier we would have left. Shall we not press on is so great a cause?

I love you all.

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