Friday, November 5, 2010

Ten Thousand Holy Holiday

I guess the word for Holy as in in Holy Ghost can also be used to mean just unearthly, as in the translation of Halloween: WanShengJie or 10,000(a whole lot of) Holy (unearthly) [things] holiday. I only saw two terrifying western style demons, Goku, and a lion, who roared at me when I pointed him out to my companion. I remember last year my trainer took me a slightly out of the way route home in order to see the chaos in the more grown up people's play places (down town). For my costume I found two large buttons and put them over my eyes to be "the other Elder Kershisnik", but I only did it in the apartment because they said it was too creepy. So when we went out I just drew a mustache on my pointer finger for a disguise.

That was Saturday.

We celebrated real Halloween (the 31st) by baptizing sister Ning. She goes to a Cantonese ward because it is more convenient. She is so awesome. I know she will be strong. Two weeks ago she called us Saturday night to say she couldn't attend her baptism because she was in the hospital with her sick son. She said that after all the trials she'd faced, maybe it was God telling her not to be baptized, and if anything else came up that would be her conclusion. We tried to help her understand how we get answers to our prayers, and rescheduled it for the 31st (had to be two weeks because of stake conference). The next week on our way home from church she called us to tell us she had again been unable to go to church because she was in the hospital with her sick daughter. We told her about priesthood blessings and met with her later that week to bless her (still) sick son (the daughter was ok). So Sunday we left Mandarin Branch after sacrament to go to the Cantonese ward she goes to. On the way she called us and said she was again at the hospital, this time for herself. But she would leave at twelve-thirty because she knew she needed to be baptized. I was able to perform the baptism. It was so awesome. She's been through a lot, and I know that she has used it to strengthen her testimony of the true and living gospel.

I also know that it is true. I am so happy to be here helping people to receive it. I love you all!

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