Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Year

The other day someone said this funny Chinglish. "I have drink so many water." Guess who it was? Me. I guess it is getting more obvious that I've been in Hong Kong for a year. I also really like eating rice, playing ping pong, and thick rimmed black glasses. And speaking English. All very Hong Kong people type things. Yesterday when we had our cleaning check I was startled to realize that the reason I was the only one talking to the senior couple missionaries about the weather during winter and spring is I am the only one in our apartment who was here during those times. I'm not young anymore.

Speaking of the weather, it is lovely. Chilly, even. Wearing a suit is pleasant. Also, the typhoon never hit. A recent convert, David, scaled a mountain and prayed for the typhoon to not hit Hong Kong or Mainland. The storm then turn and beat itself out on Taiwan, leaving Hong Kong and Mainland China unharmed. I guess God agrees that Taiwan is not part of China. Elder Zhong's friend sent a letter saying that the floods in Taiwan were above her waist on her bike. It didn't even rain here. We are all sorely disappointed.

I saw Tom and Katy sending some funny Chinese names. I saw one on a TV in the bus the other day. Her name was Pikki. Silly.

We started teaching a family. They first met missionaries seven years ago and are super good. They travel a lot and spend a lot of time not in Hong Kong, so it turns out they actually haven't heard that much of the lessons, but they are really good, they know it is right and good and are willing to come to church each week (except the dad who is in Beijing. They say he would come to church if he were here though). They are really great. They were some of the few of our investigators who were not ill on Sunday. Not too many investigators at church, I'm afraid. I guess the pleasant weather is just too much for them here.

We went to a charity foundation yesterday and helped them cut boards for a LCD TV storage container. I guess they just have far too many and don't know what to do with them all. You never know what you'll do when you go to Crossroads. Digging a hole, using a power saw, or making some rocks look dirty for a display. The table saw was pretty fun. Do you think there's any chance Dave Williams would teach me about furniture making later on?

I love you. The church is true. Chinese food is yummy.

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