Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from Vacation

I'm back in Hong Kong, and on the boat ride back I really felt like I was going back after a long trip. Back to normal life. So That's how good Macao is. I still don't know if it's Macao or Macau.

My last day we had lunch together with all the missionaries and I made Apple Dumplings, which I had never had, but were great. President Chambers made Peanut Butter Cheesecake. It was so great.

The next funny bit of news is that I'm back with my "step-trainer". First I went back with Elder So, then back with Elder Gunderson. It will probably only be for the remaining two weeks of the transfer, which I deduce from the fact that they did not release me from being district leader, regardless of the fact that my current companion is also a district leader. They told me I just wouldn't have any responsibilities for two weeks. I guess I just take care of myself. I am the district.

I live in an apartment with Elder Mat Jolley who went to East High and knows Elizabeth. His companion is Elder Welling, who is a loud, funny sporty kind of guy. It's a good apartment so far.

We went to a place called Crossroads yesterday to do service. I have heard a lot about Crossroads ("where needs meet resources"), but had never been. Missionaries in the Kowloon and new territories zones go once a month to do whatever they want us to do. It's a non profit organization to help people all over the world, but part of what they do is help Hong Kong people to try working. Rich people come an dig or move rocks or pour cement and get humbled. It really is hard work. But I think a lot of it is unnecessary. The missionaries go so often that they can observe that maybe one time they will ask us to bury some rocks, and then next time to dig them up again. While this is very good Manual Labour experience, it seems to me they ought to plan a little better and have us do things that they are going to keep. I don't mind helping them, but remember that as a missionary who's done a lot of digging in my life, I'm helping you, you're not helping me. Maybe I'm wrong, they really need the rocks buried and then dug up again. I'll just do what they ask and not complain. It was nice to dig something again.

I loved the Mandarin Branch before. But in the six weeks I spent in International, I grew to love that branch even more. Then, in the nine weeks I spent in Macau I grew to love that branch even more. Now I'm back to Mandarin. I think God is showing me how much better an experience I can have just by loving the people more. So that is my goal. Love the people.

I love you people.

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