Monday, January 11, 2010

Cooking more, Yelling less

Date: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 8:35:48 PM
Subject: Sorry about the horrible email confusion

I think it's just because of the switch to Google that things have been a little weird for a little while. But it's still a good thing. I'm pretty sure I got all of your emails, because email sent to the old address still get forwarded to me. From now on I will reply with a quick 'got it' if you like. From what you said though, I got everything.

I did get some recipes from Mom, thank you. I didn't get any part of a bread article though.

I did get Eden & Olivia's box of stuff. It was all good. Those dark chocolate and nut trail mix granola bars were nice, they have the other flavors here, but not those.

I did send Mom a Christmas card. I thought I also sent one to Leah. I didn't send one to everyone though, because it was just a random message sending machine we found while searching for prepared people, and we weren't too sure how xing (allowable? ish) it was.

I was on splits with Elder O’Neil because everyone yells at him, including me. But some people think I yell less. I don't know.

Yes, we do teach English classes. It's pretty hard, because we just have to kind of make it up. We have to program. But I've only helped two or three times when the missionaries in charge of it couldn't.

Reading blogs isn't too clear. I have interpreted our internet rules to allow me to read family blogs. So for now at least I can. I'll let you know if I find out otherwise.

My companion and I decided to splurge today and go to a little coffee shop for email. No one, not even a cool coffee shop, can beat a home mixed cup of hot chocolate. But it's pretty hard to beat a coffee shop for atmosphere. But they are ridiculously expensive. It's a hard thing.

I noticed that the Twilight soundtrack has a song by The Killers. White Demon Love Song. I think that is really funny.

A while ago I smashed my right middle finger. Later, while trying to get rid of the cuticle, I weakened the nail. Now, it has completely worn through to what I think is my bone. It looks like skin, but has no feeling and is hard. Disgusting. And it will be like, a year before it's all the way grown out. It's pretty scary.

Is 'sachet' a word? I have never heard it and it sounds made up, but we have a box containing "2 free sachets" of Horlick (malted drink mix).

I have mentioned Elder O'Neil before. He's the one I yell at less. He said to me on Tuesday, "Elder Kershisnik, come, partake of my prospects." I felt like that was a request I ought to answer with, "Actually, as a missionary I'm not allowed to do that." Actually he was just offering me some frozen chocolate. Not quite as sketchy.

Starting today my companion and Elder Ng will give me grocery money each week and I will cook for them. It should be nice, cause it's so hard to cook for just one person, and I can buy a bigger variety of veggies and stuff. I'm pretty excited.

We're in a bit of a lull right now, and are trying to find some new investigators. We stay very busy, but it seems like we aren't teaching too many people. We still have a few good ones who are slowly progressing, but we could do with a couple more.

If you go onto Google Map and look at Hong Kong Island you should see what looks like a giant space ship in the north side of it. That is the building where I do email each week. That might be fun for you to see. I remember wondering what on earth it was. Now I go there once a week.

This feels like a lame email. I'm sorry. I love you! I am happy. I miss you but I am happy. I am trying to become the best missionary I can be. It's hard. God helps. So do you.


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